Fakultät International Business (IB)

Exchange / Incoming Students

Dear International Students:

We look forward to welcoming you to the Faculty of International Business! Within the following page, you will find information to help you plan your courses for your study session at Heilbronn University.

The Faculty of International Business offers Bachelor and Master Programmes in the fields of International Business, Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Management as well as Wine Management. A large number of courses are taught in the English language and therefore particularly suitable for international exchange students.

The International Programme for Exchange Students is designed to give a brief overview of the courses offered at the Faculty of International Business:

The Faculty of International Business located at the Bildungscampus offers a variety of courses in English. If you are enrolled within our facutly, please try to choose only course of the Faculty International Business. If you have any questions concerning our program, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following E-Mail adress: ib-exchange@hs-heilbronn.de

- List of courses offered for Bachelor students

- List of courses for Master students

The Buddy Program offered by the Faculty of International Business was developed to connect new international students with regular students here at the Faculty of International Business and to help them transitioning to Heilbronn University life.

Students will provide a helping hand, linguistic support and information for the new students upon arrival and during your semester or year.

Volunteers and international students are paired in June/July, which allows the Faculty of International Business students to get in touch with their buddy before arrival.

If you are interested, please send a link to: ib-exchange@hs-heilbronn.de

The International Office of Heilbronn University provides further information for exchange students, also in the English language.


Do you want to share your experiences in Germany with us? Please write a message to Nathalie Bautz-Essling

We would love to publish your texts in our #IBlog!