International Tourism Management (M.A.)

Master Thesis

The Master thesis project is expected to reflect original research, analysis and writing of considerable depth and complexity appropriate to Master's level work. It should prove the candidate’s ability to handle problems independently in the field studied, using scientific methods and must include an empirical part.

Please note the following issues:

Formal aspects

  • Students can register for their thesis starting at the end of the second semester. Depending on the last successfully passed Master exam, students have to get registered for the Master thesis 6 months after the end of the examination period at the latest (deadline 28th February or 31st August).
  • Any professor of Heilbronn University can be chosen as thesis supervisor, including professors who do not hold lectures in the Master programme. A list of professors of the Faculty of International Business and their specific fields of teaching and research can be found here. The second marker will be chosen by the thesis supervisor.
  • The Head of the Examination Board will formally issue the topic. In order to do so the thesis candidates must hand in the Master Thesis Registration Form and ensure that all requirements are met. The registration form must be printed and filled in together with the supervising professor. The supervisor will then forward the signed registration form to the Examination Board.
  • The Master thesis has to be completed within a time frame of 6 months. The ultimate date of submission will be specified in the Master Thesis Registration Form by the thesis supervisor.
  • A copy of the Master thesis has to be submitted to each of: Thesis supervisor, second marker, examination office (=Prüfungsamt).
  • When submitting the Master thesis, the candidate has to confirm in writing that the work has been composed independently and no sources and means other than those specified has been used.
  • Does the student fail to hand in the Master thesis in time it will be considered as graded “not sufficient” (5.0).
  • The thesis not necessarily has to be written in Germany and can be completed elsewhere. However, communication with the thesis supervisor has to be kept and ensured. Further information will be given by the supervisor.
  • When getting registered for the Master thesis the student has to be enrolled as a student at Heilbronn University. However, it is possible to be ex-matriculated when writing and/or submitting the thesis.
  • Deadlines and formalities of the Master thesis apply equally to students being enrolled with 180 ECTS and taking additional ECTS during their Master study
Content aspects

  • Students have the option to write a thesis in collaboration with a company as well as focusing on theory based research only.
  • All formal issues must be agreed with the thesis supervisor which includes length of the thesis, referencing style etc.

Further information can be found in Section II, §18 of the Studien-und Prüfungsordnung (in German only) which elucidates the expectations and administrative issues on a thesis.

Students should start thinking about thesis topics and possible supervising professors during the 2nd semester of their studies. Especially if the thesis will be written in collaboration with an enterprise, it is recommendable to contact the respective companies within the first months of the second semester.

Registration Form in English

Registration Form in German