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Information about internships abroad

Internships abroad offer the opportunity to combine the acquisition of foreign and professional experience.

Generally the same applies for foreign internships as for domestic ones: you have to find them yourself. Foreign internships are recognised according to the same criteria as domestic ones. Information about recognition is available from the internship office of the course of study in question.

Please note that for your application for an internship position, you should specify that you are seeking a 6-month mandatory internship and you will continue to maintain your student status.

Contact person for the search for an internship

  • Internship offices of the respective departments or courses of study
  • Professors with foreign contacts
  • Language instructors
  • Student colleagues who have already been abroad
  • Trade journals
  • Associations of the industry in question, chambers of industry and commerce
  • Offers on the Internet
  • Agreement about the recognition of the internship with the internship office director for your department/course of study
  • Clarification of your health insurance:
    • Within the EU: European Health Insurance Card
    • Outside of Europe: Foreign health insurance

Other important points before beginning the internship

Be sure to clarify these points with your health insurance company in timely fashion.

  • For internships outside the EU, you need a visa and you may also need a work permit. For information about this, please visit www.auswaertiges-amt.de.

Help with visa concerns, work permits, etc. for USA/Canada/Australia:

www.travelworks.de USA
www.stepin.de Australia, Canada, England
www.college-council.de Internships in the USA