Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Study and Examination Regulations

Study and Examination Regulations (SPO) are the regulations of the university, which must be passed formally by the Senate and require the agreement of the Rector. Furthermore, a person qualified to hold the position of judge must confirm to the Ministry that the SPO completely fulfils the legal specifications.

All participants (professors, administration and students) are bound to the provisions made in the SPO. Deviations from the provisions of the SPO are essentially contrary to law and thus not permitted.

The SPOs of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences are organised into a general and a special part.

The General Part (Sections 1-32) includes determinations which regulate in binding fashion the faculty-spanning circumstances. They apply for all courses of study and make determinations about central questions such as

  • Structure of the studies
  • Loss of permission to study, dates
  • Permissible spectrum of grades
  • Possibilities for a repeat examination, hardship cases, etc.

> General Part of the Study and Examination Regulations for Bachelor's courses of study/duration of 7 semesters (details without guarantee).

The Special Part (Sections 32a et seq.) includes the applicable special regulations for the courses of study in question. In these, the curriculum required for the individual courses of study and the examination (pre-) achievements to be provided are regulated. The special part of your SPO in the course of study in question is in the portal for "Potential students" in the portal box "Content and structure".