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Exam procedure – registration, cancellation of registration, viewing, withdrawal

Flow of the examinations

The basic flow of the examinations in the Bachelor's and Master's courses of study can be sketched as follows:

  • Registration: Using their logins, students register for the desired examinations on the Internet. The registration must be completed within the registration period specified by the Senate. Subsequent registration once the deadline has passed is only possible in hardship cases. After successful registration, students can create a certificate in PDF format for all of the examinations for which they have registered. Participation in examinations and preparatory activities is not possible without registration.
  • Approval of the examinations: Examinations take place in the examination period specified by the University Senate. This is generally a period of three weeks, beginning with the Saturday of the last week of classes. Deviations from this basic principle are only possible in a few cases:
  • Assessment/grading, publication of the results: The examiners must submit their assessments and grades to the Central Examination Office by the date specified by the Senate. The Central Examination Office processes the data communicated. Students can view the examination results on the Internet immediately after they are entered and processed by the Examination Office by using their login. The printout of preliminary individual grade overviews is possible. If the Bachelor's pre-examination has been completed, then the Examination Office can create the preliminary transcripts, which can be picked up by the student.
  • Repeat examinations: If examinations are not passed, the first or approved second repeat examination must be scheduled for the next examination date (in the examination period of the following semester). There is an exception in the Bachelor's course of study for the case that the next semester is the practical semester. Here, the affected student has the choice whether to take the repeat examination during the practical semester.
  • Examination participation during practical semester: Here, according to the specifications of the Study and Examination Regulations, only repeat examinations are permitted (that is, no first attempts).
  • Individual information from the Examination Office: Students who may have lost their claim to examination according to the files of the Examination Office will be provided with individual letters about the existing problem. The affected students are asked to contact the Examination Office or the responsible examination committee chair for further clarification. At the same time, students will be informed about the criteria for hardship cases.

According to the Study and Examination Regulations (SPO), you can only participate in examinations for which you are registered. Examination registration is only possible on the dates specified by the university Schedule. Since there is a cut-off period, subsequent registrations are not possible. > Instructions for examination registration

You can register for a maximum of 18 examinations online. For additional registrations, use this link. Click here for examination registration.

Cancellation of examinations

Cancellation of examinations is only possible on the dates specified by the university Schedule. Please follow the appropriate instructions. Click here to cancel examination registration. (In the Medical Informatics course of study, the cancellation of examinations is only possible up to three days before the examination date.)

Viewing of the examination results and objection to the grading

Before submitting an objection to the Prorector for Studies, Teaching and Quality Assurance, it is recommended that you seek advising from the Chair of the Examination Committee. Appointments with the Prorector can only be granted if a written justification (no e-mails) has been submitted.

Withdrawal from examinations

If on the day of the examination you are unable to take the examination (e.g. due to illness), you can apply to withdraw from the examination. To do this, please fill out this form and attach the appropriate proof (e.g. certificate of inability to work from the doctor). According to the Study and Examination Regulations, the application must be submitted immediately after the examination.