Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Leave of absence

On application, students can be granted a leave of absence if

  • they want to study at a foreign university or a language institute
  • they cannot attend classes due to illness and illness prevents them from performing the duties expected of a student
  • they are caring for or supporting a spouse, close relative or in-law
  • due to an upcoming birth and the subsequent care of the child they cannot attend classes
  • they take up a practical activity which fulfils the goal of their studies
  • they specify other important reasons for a leave of absence.

The leave of absence should generally not exceed two semesters; exceptions can be granted for child care.

For a leave of absence, the application for leave of absence must be filled out, signed by the Dean of Studies and submitted to the Registration Office. The application for leave of absence should be submitted before classes begin.

Students of Medical Informatics please provide two copies of the application for leave of absence from the University of Heidelberg.