Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Student web portal features

  • Online re-enrolment
  • Exam registration and deregistration
  • Printing BAföG and enrolment certificates
  • Printing grade reports

To use these features go to: https://stud.zv.hs-heilbronn.de


Your University account functions properly when using other services, but you are unable to sign in to this website?

Then please contact the Office of Academic Affairs. This administrative unit is also responsible for handling content-related issues when re-enrolling.

The Help Desk of the University's computing centre can only troubleshoot common issues associated with your University account!

E-learning system ILIAS

The e-learning system ILIAS is the central e-learning platform of the University. Here lecturers may create classrooms, where they can provide students with numerous types of study materials. http://ilias.hs-heilbronn.de
Registration: login name and password of your University account