Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences



When activating your University account, you will automatically be assigned an e-mail address of the University. By default this is loginname@stud.hs-heilbronn.de. You will further be assigned an additional e-mail alias "registrationnumber@stud.hs-heilbronn.de", which is mostly only used for administration purposes.

If you have not opted for your University e-mail account to forward e-mails to your private e-mail address, you can access your e-mails via roundcube webmail: https://webmail.stud.hs-heilbronn.de: Registration via login name and password of your University account.

Further information on access to your university e-mail account via POP3/IMAP/SMTP: http://www.hs-heilbronn.de/rz/stud/email Registration: login name and password of your University account

E-mail mailing lists

Via the mailing lists server, you can access the e-mail distribution service. Here you can manage or cancel your subscriptions, view archives, manage or moderate mailing lists: http://lists.hs-heilbronn.de (Registration: login name and password of your University account)

Students are automatically listed with their University e-mail account on the mailing list of their degree program. They are also automatically deleted from their degree program mailing list, shortly after having de-registered from the University.