Application with international certificates


If you have completed your higher education entrance qualification abroad, you will need a certificate of recognition before applying to HHN. Please note the different application deadlines for applying for recognition of certificates. The certificate of recognition must be received by HHN by the application deadline (15.01./15.07.).

Applicants for Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Medical Informatics ("Medizinische Informatik") are obliged to comply with different regulations (see below).

Study applicants with international certificates must first register with the

Center for International Students
Brauneggerstr. 55
78462 Konstanz

for a certificate of recognition. The Center for International Students is the central point of contact for those interested in universities of applied science in Baden-Württemberg with regard to advice, certificate recognition and German examinations.

Please note the different application deadlines of the Center for International Students ( 1 May for the winter semester; 1 November for the summer semester).

Your application can only be considered if all required documents (including the certification of the Center for International Students) reached Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences on the due date (January 15 for the summer semester and July 15 for the winter semester). Please note that theses are cut-off periods.

For study applications from China, Vietnam or Mongolia, the original certificate confirming the authenticity of their documents or the original certificate from the "Akademische Prüfstelle" ("APS") must be enclosed.

Further information can be obtained from the "Hochschulrektorenkonferenz" or directly from the "Akademische Prüfstelle":

International applicants for Medical Informatics ("Medizinische Informatik") do not have to send their documents to the Center for International Students in Konstanz.

They only have to send their documents to Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.


Application deadlines

Summer term: 15th January

Start of lectures: mid of March

Winter term: 15th July

Start of lectures: end of September

If the end of the application period falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the application period ends at this day and is not extended. The date of receipt of the application for admission with all necessary documents at the university is decisive, not the date of the postmark.

Your completed application must arrive at the University not later than the mentioned deadlines.

Applications which are submitted after the deadline, or which are incomplete, will not be considered.


Language requirements

The language of teaching at Heilbronn University of Applied Science is German - exept for some Master's programmes.